Can litecoin mining ruin you GPU?

So ever since I found out about mining be it bitcoing or litecoin I wondered this.

So if I mine litecoins every day for lets say 6 hours and that means my GPU is being used on almost full load can that at some point just kill the gpu? I would guess that if anything it will shorten its lifespan but can it kill it after a week of working like that? My GPU ran at 60C now at full load with 25C room temp so if it runs like that for extended periods of time I am worried it will die soon.


Asking that because I was thinking of mining on my main PC on which I work as well its not like I am made of hardware :D.

Sorry if its a silly quesiton, I am not as tech savy as most of you here :P Still learning.

Thanks for your time though! :)

It might shave some longterm life off, say 6 years instead of 7 but for the time you use it wont mean anything, plus you should have a warranty on it so if it does break because it was run at full load (which it should be able to) the manufacturer will replace it.

Most GPUs can handle under 100C without exploding and personally I keep mine under 80 for mining. IF you want to know the limit, Nvidia lists a thermal threshold spec. I haven't found any AMD spec listed though. at least 20C-30C under that should be acceptable without a noticable lifespan decrease.

my GTX295 hit 101C under the stock fan when I was stress testing my system back in the day. and frequented 90C before I switch to a crappy water loop. so at 60C you should be doing great. Mine barely idles below that :P