Can Intel integrated graphics handle low setting gaming?

The reason i'm asking this silly question is because i'm building a new system and the guy at work i'm selling this one to is buying it right after tax returns, and I want to wait until AMDs new flagship is out before chosing my graphics card. Can the 4690k's integrated graphics handle games on low settings? Or am I going to have to find something cheap on ebay to hold me over?

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It should be able to. I say just try it out before finding something on Ebay.

Minecraft runs fine on my laptop once you install OptiFine

I was hoping i could play bf4 on low at 30 fps... that's the minimum anything less than that I'm getting a $50 used card off ebay or something.

Maybe very low at 720p. 

720p is livable I've been a long time console gamer i suppose i could pretend i'm on the Xbox 360 again XD

After running across this article I dont think i can stand integrated graphics for 4 months... and really don't want to go low end might snag a 7970 on ebay for 120 bucks

Yes you will be fine, The later intel graphics are comparable with a nvidia GTX 750. And are set to really start stomping on the mid range GPU's within the next few generations.

running games on Linux with the Intel driver stack installed, my i3-2370 works like a charm. Minecraft is smooth as butter, and just about anything else I throw at it that meet minimum specs run fine.

Ubuntu 14.04.1 x64.