Can I?

Is it recommended if i get an A10-5800K build first and then get a HD7850 if i save more money?

The A10-5800K likes to try use all the spare wattage on power supplies making the APU hot.

+ There is a minor bottleneck involved with the 7850 and above, you're best off with an FX series CPU and not an accelerated processor.

hope this helped!

i take it that you want to play games at decent settings !

with the A10-5800K you won't be able to. not even with the 7850 there will be some bottleneck.

best thing you can do is, buy yourself a good FX cpu like the FX-8350, and buy a low-end video card, just to be able to turn on the PC.

later on when you have the money you can buy whatever GPU you like and the FX-8350 will handle it nicely.

A 6800k + a 7950 will work just fine at 1080p.

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the A10-5800K is just a slightly weaker 4300 with a GPU piggybacked on it.

An A10-5800K and a 7870 would preform just like a 4300 and a 7870. why?

Because CPU matter only the *tiniest* amount.

Also- a A10-5800K will run most current games at medium-low in the 45-60fps range. except the GPU killers like Metro last light and crysis III. if you're playing older games, it'll do fine.

just get fast ram. 1866 CAS 9 is good. but 2133 is better if your mobo will take it. get spendy. RAM is the bottleneck on APU systems.

I have to disagree with Ghall.

I used an MSi HD 7950 with both a 6800K and i7-3770 to find out that the 7950 actually bottlenecked A LOT. I don't remember the exact numbers but the 7950 performed 20-40 fps less in certain games such as Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3. I know it wasn't a faulty APU because I have had benchmark friends also have bottleneck issues.

The A10-6800K is basically useful for things like HTPCs because it is special for its high power integrated graphics. The way to making the best out of the 6800K is by having high speed ram such as 2132, 2400 and 2666 mhz speeds. It boosts it a lot compared to 1600 and 1866.

Well, you actually picked the two most CPU intensive games to benchmark where ofc, the i7 outperforms the APU. But, I recently saw a video (don't remember where) where the 6800 k was paired with different graphics cards against higher end porcessors. The result was: at 1080 p gaming the 6800k  keeps up with the higher end intel CPU's when paired with a medium range graphics card (6800 k + gtx 760/770 = haswell i5 + gtx 760/770). When your turned the resolution up to 1440p or you switched to a 780 or Titan the Haswell would outperform the 6800k + the same video card, showing that a high end video card is bottlenecked. with the APU.

Bottom line, the 6800k is a solid 4 core processor and will keep up with higher end processors in terms of framerates when paired with a medium graphics card which most people have.

I'll edit the post once I find the video so you can see I'm not inventing any numbers.

found it.

It was from a different channel, I can't remember the name and I looked for that vid 35 min today and I could not find it because his channel isn't so popular. But he sad the same thing as Logan and the testing was pretty legit.