Can I use Windows 7 Installation disc with other product keys?

I have about 3 Product keys for windows 7 home premium that arnt being used by any computer. I have 1 set of Windows 7 Home Premium installation discs (1, 64-bit and 1 32-bit).

Can I use the installation discs with the products keys that the package didnt come with?

Yes you can!

Even if 2 of those product keys came from previous store bought computers?
Because 1 of my keys that came on my laptop doesnt seem to want to work after I reinstalled the operating system.


As long it's for the same version of windows. If the keys are for Home Premium, they won't work on Pro or Ultimate.

For your laptop, most of the keys are tied to the BIOS of the computer. So you can only use that product key on that laptop

Well I happened to reinstall it and use the product key from the laptop and everything went fine.
Now I happened to sell it to my sister who recently showed me a snapshot of it asking for a valid product key which is odd since it didnt have a problem when I first inputted it in.

And I know its windows 7 home premium.

I know the product key the discs came with worked fine on it, because originally I had to get the discs because something caused everything to be corrupted.