Can I use my roger's sim card in a nexus 5?

Just ordered a nexus 5 from the play store. The main reason I'm getting new phone is because my blackberry 9900 broke. Buying the nexus 5 right from google and keeping the same contract without paying $300 in cancellation fees made the most sense so that's what I'm doing. However I'm not positive that I can use my current Roger's Wireless sim card in the nexus 5, any help would be appreciated.

I'm not sure how Roger's works, but I had basically, the same thing happen to me with AT&T.

As long as they use the same SIM card, they will work. And if your blackberry was using a regular sized SIM card (I'm sure the nexus 5 uses a mini SIM) you can simply ask for them to make it trade it out. Should cost less than $3.

Yep it will work no problem. It will even use blackberry plans straight on the Nexus 5 without configuration or switching to a non-blackberry plan. If you like you keep your current plan however cut the SIM card or ask them to do a swap for you. I believe its 10 bucks for a new Rogers SIM

The Nexus 5 comes unlocked from the factory, so you could pop in any SIM card from basically any provider, provided the SIM card you have is the same size as the one the Nexus 5 supports. If it isn't it usally costs $10 for one. When I bought my Nexus 4 from Play Store all I had to do was walk into a Fido store and tell them I bought a Nexus 4 and they changed my SIM for me, it took about 5 mins from the time I walked in to the time I walked out.