Can I use mismatched SSDs in a Synology DS920+ for read/write cache?

Hey everyone.

Like the title says, can it be done? I recently got a DS920+ and I have one SSD installed as a cache but wouldn’t mind getting another at some point for the read/write caching. Problem is I have a Corsair MP500 480GB drive which isn’t available anymore. Would I be able to get something like a WD Blue 500GB drive and use that as the second drive? I assume it would work and just use the smallest drive size (480GB) but I wasn’t sure if Synology has some limitation in their software that would prevent it.


The most likely scenario would be that the OS will only use part of the larger drive and leave the remainder untouched. But why use a 2nd cache drive in the first place?

Synology will only enable read and write on a RAID 1 array so with my current setup of a single SSD I’m limited to read only caching.

AFAIK, they should be the same, but you can try it and see for sure. Also, cache gets lots of read/write, so a cheap SSD won’t last as long I think.

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