Can I use Blue Spark for gaming (teamspeak,mumble,..)?

Hello there,

happy to join the community, eventhough it has been a while since I subsribed to Teksyndicate, or to Tigerdirect for that matter :D

Now to solve my problem:

Currently I am using my focusrite 2i4 as an Interface for my speakers and midi. I am thinking about purchaisng the Blue Spark mic, which needs phantom power, which I have, which is good. Also having those mic preamps built inside the soundcard it would be a shame to go with a usb mic such as the blue yeti for example. The thing is, that I am not sure, if I can use my headphones over the onboard dac, or any other dac(usb) and at the same time use the mic over the 2i4, e.g. in teamspeak.


Does nobody know if it works or not, or have I expressed myself too awkwardly? :D

Bump. Last try.

Yes, as long as your computer sees both devices, teampspeak can be configed to use them, check under settings, and then audio.

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