Can i use a windows 7 Re-installation disc on my pc build?

i am thinking about buying a re-installation disc off ebay. will it work? This is a fresh gaming build, no operating system yet. This is the link to the disc:

32 bit... evenm if it did you dont want it anyway... i assume you have more than 4gb of ram but you wont be able to use it on 32 bit os ore a gpu over 512 mb. sooo not worth it anyways for gaming unless youre on a real cheap system.

no, I think it's just a 'recovery disc', which just unpacks a copy of the initial install from a hidden driver partition. plus it's xp, plus it's dell, plus it's 32 bit, plus it doesn't include a key

MS has the windows 7 ISO, you can download then buy a key after installing

yeah that was just an example of a reinstallation disc. i am building a mid range system but thank you for the advice