Can I use a different vendor's BIOS for the same reference card without issues?

Long story short:

I need to flash a BIOS onto my GPU. I can’t find a copy from my vendor, but it’s a reference card and I can find some from other vendors.

I’ve never done this before and would prefer not to brick my GPU.

Is it ok to use a different vendor’s BIOS for my card, given that they’re both reference?

What is the GPU?

I have used different vendor BIOS on Vega 64 without issue. Actually received benefit for using Sapphire.

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If its a referene design PCB then you should be fine but if one is a custom PCB then it may not work

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Radeon Pro Duo

As long as board design is the same it’s fine… Why do you need to flash the bios?

Especially if the RAM is different even between similar reference designs as the timings straps will be different and that’s where the issues would most likely occur. So same RAM same board design it will likely work (and probably already been done). Even better with a dual BIOS?

They’re identical AFAIK.

My computer won’t boot with the GPU installed. It will boot with another GPU installed. A different computer will boot with the Pro Duo installed. It’s just this combination that has an issue. I’m not sure why.

I’ve assumed it’s BIOS related since it has a dual BIOS and it started this when I was switching between the two.

Now, only one of the two GPUs show up in the system when it does show up.

I guess I have to accept that this card is gimped.

After plugging this card into another system, then plugging it back into my system, it works. I have no idea why that happened.