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Can I use a 430w PSU with a i5-4690k and R9 390


I have a seasonic s12ii that I think is causing my random shutdowns. I have a RMA for it but before I send it I want to see if I can put in my old PSU from my last rig while my PSU is gone, and to see if its even the issue since I have to pay shipping and don’t want to waste money if I don’t have to.

but the other PSU is a 430w EVGA I think. will that be enough to power my rig? my CPU is overclocked to like 1.3v


I wouldn’t risk it.
390 is power hungry monster … You may be on the 400W border gaming wise. Honestly I wouldn’t…


Totally fine, just turn off the OC (on both) until the replacement arrives.

Also, what are the specs of your previous one?


My guess is the 520W model… There were a lot of issues with the 520W models…
Am I right @GeeZIllion



When I was on windows I used the corsair link software to monitor my PSU and I have a 4690K. When I OC’ed the bananas off it to 4.7 Ghz, and my 390 I was only pulling like ~350W.

A 430W PSU should hold up just fine, but if he’s concerned he can turn off the OC to mitigate any voltage spikes from the GPU.

The i5 is only 90W TDP IIRC. When I was OC’ing it was drawing 180W though.


the one im using now is a s2ii 520w, and thats the one I think needs to be replaced, it about 3 years old.


No, the specs of your older EVGA one?


EVGA 430W, thats all it says on the box


Model number?