Can I use 2 M.2 via the Asus Hyper card with my Built-in M.2 slot in X370 Crosshair Hero Vi?

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I need your advice if this idea is possible:

Is the Asus Hyper card even supported for the X370 platform? It is According to this post

but I wanted further confirmation and specifically for my MoBo Crosshair Hero Vi. So, I emailed the Asus support and I was told via email that the hyper card doesn’t work with my MoBo.

Note: I know for sure that I can’t use it with more than 2 SSD in any x370 boards because I need PCIe bifurcation which is only available in the high-end Platform aka threadripper and and x299

If does work though, which it should according to the asus post linked above; Can I use 2*M.2 NVMe SSDs via the Asus Hyper card AND the built-in M.2 slot in my X370 Crosshair Hero Vi at the same time?

If so, Can I raid-zero all 3 of them together (2 in Hyper card+1 via Built-in M.2) ? or Is it possible only for 2 SSDs in the Hyper card? I know that other boards that have 2*M.2 slots, it’s possible to raid those.

To give further context on why I need such storage perfmance:

I currently have 7.5TB of storage NOT backed up and although 4*4TB HDDs are on the way for cold archive, I don’t consider that a guranteed backup and I consider it a temporary solution. And so on, I decided to use backblaze online but I need to Encrypt all of these Data due to privacy concerns if I’m going to upload it to the cloud, hence I need the NVMe SSDs.

I know that Raid is a concern however, to avoid such loss of data. I decided to by a 4*2TB sata SSDs and move all the encryted there. And use those sata drive to upload to backblaze.

I dont know about any of the technical side of it but it says on the page you linked that the X370 Crosshair VI Hero is supported.


Not that it really helps though becuase now you have the company contradicting them selves.

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yeah, I emailed the link of the compatibility post before I made this thread but I got another response from another support staff saying that it won’t work. I hope someone helps me out here.

I think I figured it out :slight_smile: according to this video:

PCIe bifurcation has nothing to do with the number of SSDs connected.
However; PCIe bifurcation is the ability to devide the 16X or 8X lanes between these SSDs which is NOT available on most X370 or even X470. It available on almost all X399 and some of the X299 motherboard.

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I believe its supported on all MSI motherboards, I’ll have to check though

its MSI’s B450’s lineup that has bifurication
mine was a b450-m bazooka, though I’d recommend a tomahawk

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How many of the x16 slots are you currently using? If you are using 1 x16 for your gfx card, why not use the other 2 x16 slots for 1 m.2 NVME, each? The adapter cards for 1 NVME arr cheap as dirt @ like $20 …

In that way you will not have to bifurcate anything.

If this is strictly a server box you’re building with the gaming motherboard, you could even use all 3 x16 slots for NVME, and use one of the 3 pcie 3.0 x1 slots for a simple but effective pcie 2.0 x1 gfx card.

edit - I necroposted this because I was searching info to bifurcate this exact same mobo