Can i take my intel core i7 from my laptop and put in my pc

My laptop has broken so i wanted to take out the i7,can i place it in my pc?

I doubt it, try asking someone who knows more though.

i think the cpu on latops are stuck on the mother board


Thanks for replying.

Do some research and see if your laptop's CPU is soldered on the board or not, and find out what socket it is.

No, mobile sockets are different than desktop sockets. In the case of the mobile Core i7, it runs in a FCPGA988 (I believe known as Socket G2), or BGA 1023 (in which case, it's integrated into the motherboard). The exception is that some high-end enthusiast level laptops actually run a desktop CPU, but you would know that as they are massive.

oke thanks but do you no if i can take the hard drive from it.

Taking an old hard drive is perfectly fine.

Yeah you can take the hard drive.


As far as I know laptops use smaller, portable CPUs and are either stuck to your mbo or have a tiny socket.


You may need a 2.5" to 3.5" bracket, but it should be fine. Most all modern drives (mechinal and solid state) use the same SATA connectors.

the HDD will be fine but wouldn't it be a 5400rpm rather than a 3.5" 7200rpm.. thus slower (I don't know by how much) correct me if i'm wrong :)

 you cant convert pga to lga without some sort of serious hacking skills(i bet a dollar someone has done it).. you can however get specialized desktop motherboards to run mobile processor's socket types. "if you truly wanted to. with a little retro-fitting, yes you could".  on a side note, i've taken a part a lot of laptops for various repairs, soldering in new dc power jacks, lcd/inverter replacement, motherboard/cpu replacement, dusting/thermal paste application.. "rarely" are the processors soldered in. i cant even think of the last one i saw. the real question pcfever is how much can you overclock it? ];>