Can i still use my fx 6300?

with the heatsink from coolermaster hyper 212 smelling i should have guess the thermal past was not working 100%. it did have low temps, but i feel i needed to see what was going on.


do you think this cpu is still useful? even after cleaning off thermal paste? even cleaning off some on some leads?


or just don't risk using it on my MB?

It could have been you hyper 212 fan making the smell. Was is a burning smell?

it was a buring metal smell. and it was checked by the pc doctor but he said there was a smell but he never did take off the heatsink becasue i told him not too. i just wanted him to look at it. my bad.

i don't know if i can even still use it. the gold leads touched my hands and a cloth and a trash bag . i threw it in the trash because i thought it was no good after this. i was upset.

Just smell the back of the hyper 212 stock fan and if it smells you might want to get a new fan to get rid of the smell. So your fx 6300 is fine.

i replace the fan with a better fan. but it was the metal that was smelling after replacing the fan.

Well if replacing the fan didn't fix it. You might want to rma your cpu and maybe the cooler as well.

try with the stock cooler... I don't see why the chip won't work...hope's not the cpu

Was it an ozone smell? Did you just recently buy and install the hyper 212? because when you install a new hyper 212 and fire up your pc, it will give off an ozone smell, its just stuff left over from manufacturing burning off the heatsink. My hyper 212 did the same thing, but its been a few weeks since I installed it an no problems, running i5 4670K at 4.5 Ghz right now.

it was a strange smell, but the smell was coming off the heatsink not the fan. the cpu has some strange scarring . that is where the thermal paste was when it leak over. burned your heatsink? I saw the pics of your CPU, and I am not sure what to make of them. If the pins are clean it shouldn't damage your mobo, so it would probably be a good idea to give it another shot before you trash the CPU.

do all heat sinks have a smell when there new? i clean the leads with a toothbrush. don't know if that is a good idea. is it ok to put the cpu back?

I don't know if all heat sinks have a smell when they are new, but mine did. And the one I had before my current one did as well, so I would say possibly. As far as cleaning the leads with a toothbrush, I have no idea lol, I am not an AMD guy. I would say, as long as they arent bent, and if you take a magnifying glass to it and check for any potentially harmful particles it should be ok.

Alcohol. Cleaning alcohol 90% plus. I would imagine you would need to properly clean up the CPU. Although don't ask me about cleaning pins I only straighten the occasional pin for friends. I keep hands off the gold. 

ummm, what were the cpu temps? I mean the melting point of copper is something like 1084c and the melting point of aluminum is 660c.... In other words your pc should have burst into flames if its was melting, It looks like a manufacturing defect or was being eaten away by some kind of acid, what thermal compound were you using?

i was using this

Does thermal compound smell? never noticed that lol.

lol, i don't know, but i did notice the spot where the thermal paste leaked over. i removed the paste and it left part of the cpu scarred . it is on the pictures.

i am just going to retire the fx 6300 and go for a fx 8350. i was going to upgrade anyway. next month.

if your mobo is decent enough then yeah why not ☺