Can i still get windows 10 for free?

So basically, I'm about to build my first pc, and was wondering if i buy a windows 7/8 key, i could upgrade to windows 10?

Yes. Upgrading for free with a windows 7 or 8 key is possible until July 2016. Probably forever though. In a sense Win10 is free as well. You can download the media creation tool from the website and do an install. It doesn't require a key but I believe many features will either be disabled or not visible after a few days until you provide a key for it.

Yes it is possible to update from 7/8.1 to 10 until July 2016. Some newer hardware has some problems with Win7 installation from USB due to driver issues, DVD installation from SATA is ok. There are work arounds , Google it .
Just did a Win7 to 10 upgrade on a new Skylake build.

Thank you to both of you for the quick replies, i'll probably be able to buy a key very cheap, so i'll do that.

So, I have a windows 8 pro key, a USB with 8gb

How exactly do I make this a boot drive for my new computer? I've watched videos on YouTube, but they're either somewhat outdated or just don't explain it well

Posted this in a different thread just a few days ago.

I have a key for windows 8, yet this tool only gives me the option to install a windows 8.1 installer on my usb. Will i be able to use my windows 8 Pro key, or is my key basically useless?

8.1 is just a service pack to 8. I would assume it would work just fine using the 8.1 install media with your 8 key.

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