Can I SLi?

Hey guys,

So a couple of weeks back I posted my build here and asked for your opinions on it and, after being given some excellent advice, I've put it together and it works a charm. 

I've decided I want to put a second GTX 970 in there now and was wondering if my 700w PSU is ok or if it'll blow up in my face. What do you folks reckon?

Here's the build as it is currently, without the second GTX 970. My PSU is a Cooler Master RS700-ACAB-D3 B Series 700W:

-Z87X-OC Intel S1150 Gigabyte ATX Motherboard

-MSI GTX 970 Gaming Edition 4G Twin Frozr V 4GB (Maxwell)

-Intel Intel Core i7 4790S, 1150, Haswell, Quad Core, 3.2GHz, 4GHz Turbo, 5 GT/s DMI, 1200MHz GPU, 32x Ratio, 65W, Retail

-Kingston ssdNow SV300S37A/V300 120GB UltraSlim 7mm SATA 3 SSD

-Seagate ST1000DX001 3.5 inch 1TB Hybrid Internal Solid State Drive

-Seagate ST1000DM003 1TB SATA 3 Hard Drive 7200rpm 64MB Cache

-Corsair Memory Vengeance LP Black 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9-9-9-24 XMP Dual Channel Desktop

-Noctua NH-U14S - NH-U14S Ultra-Quiet Slim CPU Cooler with NF-A15 Fan

Also I saw this on the product page for the PSU, stupid question: does this mean it's unsuitable for SLi?

Any advice is appreciated :)

It is fine.

You could probably get away with 3 way sli 970's with 700 watts if you don't overclock.

So yes it'll do 2 way just fine.

It should be fine.

Oh ya no problem I ran an overclocked FX8350 and 2x 7950s on 750w 

Thanks folks, much appreciated as always.