Can I SLI a 680 and a 770 together?

I recently flashed my 680 bios to a stock 770.  What I need to know is, if I go out and purchase a 770 will I be able to SLI without any problems?  Perhaps Logan and company could give this a try on one of their rigs?  Would really appreciate it.



I thought it was revealed that this bios flash thing was a hoax. You just tampered with GPU-Z to have it re-read the card as a 770?

I'm unclear on this. 

No. That hoax thing is a hoax lol!  I literally downloaded the stock 770 bios and flashed it to my 680 no problem

I see! Well, hopefully some other members can help you out with whether it'll work or not.. Let's see what the others have to say.

Give it a try. If anyone could Crossfire a flashed 6950 with a 6970, then maybe this would work.

I have been considering flashing my 680 BIOS to that of the 770, but am uncertain about it. Perhaps...

I'm really curious as to how the performance looks with that flash, and about stability.

I want to see about SLI performance, as well. Two 680s running with 770 BIOS and 770 SLI drivers.

Now that's very tempting seeing as how I've got 2 680's laying around...

But I've been having some trouble with them lately, a strange flickering issue in a handful of games.

Except that Crossfire allows linking cards of same generation and performance level. So a 6950 and a 6970 can be crossfired with or without flashing the 6950. SLI doesn't allow that, but there is a chance in this particular case.