Can I run Titan fall?

I didn't get a beta key so I have no idea if I can run the game. 


Screen: 1600x900

CPU: Intel i5 2450m

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 635m


OS:  Windows 7 64bit

I know it's not the best system.  I don't mind if I have to play at 30FPS but 60 would be a bonus. 

Can I run titan fall and if I can what Settings? 

Forgot to mention the graphics card has 2GB of RAM


Probably all low settings but playable 30fps at a cost of loud noise and heat.

On my GT 560 / i5 2670k @ 4.5 Ghz rig Titanfall struggles with everything on low, no AA and 8x anisotropic, dropping down to 40 fps at times at 1920*1200 resolution, so I would say no. GT 635m is a much worse card right?

You MIGHT get 30fps at some resolution, but as a multiplayer FPS game I'd say 30 is way too low a framerate to have any fun with the game. 

On the upside, even everything on low the game looks passably nice, and as terrible as no anti-aliasing sounds, for whatever reason I rarely notice jagged edges in this game. It's better than, say, mass effect 3 with FXAA on.

Unsure of the settings, but I am confident that you can run it

it's a beta, try it out, and give feedback.

I don't have a beta key.

I'm thinking you will have a lot of trouble running that game. Ito pretty new and looks very graphics heavy. I think you would have huge heat and crashing problems not to mention noise. I think if you want to play Titan fall you should consider upgrading.

^^^ lol graphics heavy? it runs on the source engine it dosent take a lot to run that game.

Minmum specs 

Your laptop should be able to run it, if it dosent EA offers refunds on origin  for that kind of thing.

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Thanks everyone,  I found a YouTube video of someone running titan fall on my laptop. I can it just fine if i lower the resolution so I'm a very happy man right now.