Can i run this game with this system?

Batman Arkham Knight, Just cause 3, and Witcher 3
CPU - AMD A10 5800K
GPU - GTX 960
I am mainly concerned about my cpu and what settings i could get? Min-Max

lol Arkham

You should be fine with JC3 and W3. Arkham Knight, however, is a different matter. I have a friend who used his paycheck bonus to buy 2 Titans that he runs in SLI on his rig, and he was having a hard time keeping a consistent framerate. WB Games themselves have stated that the pc version might be broken beyond fixing.
But your system looks great overall. Your CPU, GPU, and RAM are all fairly up to date. You shouldn't have problems running these games on medium graphics settings. You can try high, but don't expect 60 fps all the time.
Hope this helped.
Merry Christmas, or whatever doesn't piss you the hell off. ;)


Thank you and Merry Christmas!