Can i run my current W10 install in Linux?

As a side note, there are also quite a few games available natively for Linux, or through Proton. Both are better options if you can get it to work.

Main hurdle with a VM is the DRM and Anti-cheat packages detecting you being in a VM, which limits a lot of online gaming. But for single player games a lot of 'em simply just works.


As a dual booter only heavily modded skyrim is left. Steam Proton, while still only beta has made a few games I like work.

It is worth a short to activate the steam beta and try proton.

I want to run as much as i can natively on Linux, DXVK, Proton and all that stuff should get a lot of what i need working just fine, but i want Windows around in some form untill i can make sure everything works.

I would get either a 256gb or 500gb SSD for Linux either way, as i dont want to mess up my curent windows install. Dual booting is honestly starting to look like the way to go, just seems like way less of a hassle even if its less cool :sweat_smile:


If you have the cash to have two gaming cards in your system and the PSU to feed them. Passthrough is awesome. I want to do it just for the sake of doing it. Nerd out on it.

I totally get it.

Having 2 or 3 like me boot SSD’s on your system is also cool. In linux my main OS I can boot the other 2 OS’s in VM’s. One is windows and one is another linux. They just dont have GPU’s when run in VM’s.

Check out our new Makulu Core Build and it does VM well ;

It is a Hybrid Base can use both Debian software and Ubuntu Software!!!

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Problem is that my motherboard only has one PCIe 16x slot and then only 4x. Not even sure if the 4x slots are 3.0, if they are i could cut the back out and throw in a 1050TI for Linux i guess? Dont really want to switch my motherboard as this one lets me go 5GHz :stuck_out_tongue:

Il check it out once i have the time :slight_smile:

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Cool yes there are ways to adapt if im not mistaken, I Run my AMD [email protected] 5.1ghrtz all the time All cores and a XFX R9 390X Double Dissipation Black Edition 8gb DDR5!!! And 16gib 2400 DDR3 Ram

We have a Wiki setup with info on VM Ubuntu and Debian

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Another thing you should consider; try changing the way you do some things. By that I mean, perhaps another software or game can fill the same need as your Windows-only software.

That is, do not rule out running say, GIMP or Krita over Photoshop. It may be a less capable software, but it may still fit your use case, and you may even prefer the workflow it offers over Photoshop.

Not saying you should throw out any software, just to examine the alternatives. A lot of the time, you may not even need it… :slight_smile:

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I thought it was the other way around, the DRM and Anti-cheat packages were being triggered when trying to run a Windows games under Linux, not in a Windows virtual machine.

Nope, see:

Well it seems the best and simplest thing i can do is just to get another SSD and dual boot. I guess a 20 second wait isnt too bad to switch over to Windows from Linux(If whatever distro i end up on dosnt take forever to shut down). That way i would have no problems with DRMs and i can keep my W10 just sitting around shut down untill i encounter something i need it for. This is going to suck if Magic The Gathering Arena dosnt run under Linux though as thats what im pouring hours into at the moment :confused:

MTG: Arena seems to be working well with Lutris, so there’s that.

In general WINE is less prone to get shutdown by anti-cheat mechanisms, and more modern online titles that are not twitch-style shooters tend to not need as much data security, since the server handles the game state and controls what, if any, of that game state gets sent to the players.

This means you will only see what you are able to see. No more, no less. :slight_smile:

Took a look at the games i play and pretty much everything seems to be fine with Lutris :smiley: Thats pretty awesome, checked just a month ago and almost nothing worked, quite the development!

Does Linux still have issues with unbinding and rebinding gpus? I’m thinking have the passed through gpu switch OS based on kvm switch. I’m just trying to figure out how to do passthrough with sli, without needing to purchase four graphics cards.

I’m in the process of building myself a new workstation. I’m using a Ryzen 2700x, X470 mb, 32 gb ram, and rx580 gpu. I’ll need to have Windows on here because of work, but at the same time I primarily want to use Linux. I was thinking of trying out XCP-ng, so I can run W10, Kubuntu and several other test servers. I won’t be gaming. Anyone see a problem with this scenario? I’m assuming this is considered a bare-metal hypervisor, would I see any performance hit on the Windows side?

The only advice I could give you is to try it, I have read running anything in a virtual machine you will see anywhere between a 5% to 15% performance hit compared to running on bare-metal. That said I only have experience using Virtualbox and I can’t see any difference between bare-metal and running anything on a virtual machine.

Ended up installing Mint 19 on its own SSD leaving Windows there to boot into when shit breaks or if i need it. This seems like the best solution for me as Lutris seems to make everything i want run. Had quite a painful time getting everything working right but now its up and running just fine :slight_smile: /thread