Can i run a minecraft server with what i have?

I was not sure if were to put this,i hope i put it in the right place.

Ok i have an old server tower and i was thinking of running a minecraft server on it,but i want to know can i? And how large can it be?

The server is a Dell poweredge 1600sc with 2x 2Ghz (single core)Xeon with HT,3gb of ddr ecc ram,and 4x 73.3gb 10k rpm SCSI drives,also my internet is 18Mbps down,1.5Mbps up.

Oh also i have a map i have been making in creative mode,is it possible for me to use it on my server?

Yes to everything. The worlds rarely go above 10GB for servers.

How large of a server(meaning like how many players) can i run on this server?

As much as your bandwidth can handle, which will be your main bottleneck.

Well my internet speed is 18Mbps down,1.5Mbps up,and i don't think i have a bandwith cap.

It's the speed that will limit you.

I'd say 10 to 15 people before your connection shits out.

Ok thank you so much.

Ya I would say that computer is fine I think you will run into a processor bottle neck then internet bottle neck.  I run my minecraft server off of a phenom x3 and 3gb of ram and I can have 10 people playing no problem my internet is 35down 10up though.  I now play feed the beast which is much more demanding on the server side, but I think you will be fine with 10 or so maybe a few more just go easy on the mods.  I used to use a single core cpu and had to upgrade hopefully yours is more powerful then the amd sempon that I had.

Dunno, I used to run a Minecraft server, and:

- you need really good bandwidth;

- you need enough memory, even though it doesn't actually need that much memory, because of the way the java system works it eats away at your system RAM like ebola;

- you need enough processing power if you're going to run a lot of mods, I was running a lot of mods on my 12-core Opteron, and it was like just acceptable.

I also have to say that my experience was with v1.2 and before. I switched to Minetest after that because of the way Minecraft evolved, but now I run two, sometimes three virtualized Minetest servers on that same Opteron and the load is very low, so the same machine can still easily run other servers, where running a MC server was a costly affair in terms of server assets and energy. I can't imagine MC 1.6 being lower on resources requirements though, so don't set the number of players too high.

Yes, however the dell 1600sc is pretty dated. Dont expect the server to maintain 20 ticks a second once a few users get in. The older xeons of that generatiion (netburst era) are still good enough but not amazing.

Dont expect to run a load of mods, but you should be good for a small vanilla server

Ya if you are making a server make it a vanilla one with just people you trust so you dont need to run mods to protect your stuff.  If that is what you were looking to do you will be fine.  Otherwise if you were looking to run a modded out server look into upgrading your current stuff or renting.