Can i run 270x?

Can i run 270x with my current setup?


I am guessing you are using this PSU LINK

If yes you will be fine since the 270X only requires two 6-Pin PCI-E connectors. I would go for a R9-270 since some overclock better than 270X and cost about $30 USD less for the same performance.


oops linked the wrong one, but it will still be fine since the 270/270X only needs 2x 6-Pin PCI-E connectors, your PSU has a 6+2 Pin and a 6+Pin.

Yup. 270 would be the perfect addition

Yes, you should be fine.

The R9 270 is a underclocked R9 270X.  Save a couple bucks and go with an R9 270.

Okay! I think ill go with R9 270 when i have money 4 it. Thank you !