Can I overclock ram on laptop?

I have the k55n db81 laptop from asus.

I habe the a8 4500m apu with radeon hd 7640.

8gb of ddd3 1600mhz ram.

To my understanding the apu in graphical terms is only as fast as its available ram and speed of ram.


I have the cpu running between 2.3 and 2.8ghz and my gpu is overclocked to 1150mhz when I game. All temps on cpu and gpu during gaming is around 45c.


Im wondering how to make it faster because I am trying to play arma 3 and ill get 7 to 20fps...but mostly 13 to 15fps at most times.


Any help would be freaking awesome

Pretty much all cheap laptops have a locked bios so that you can't change any settings that actually matter. If you haven't, take a look in the bios if there are options to change such settings, if you don't know how to get into bios, google it. Also, in arma 3 (and most other games) you're limited by the CPU, not the graphics capabilities.

Interesting. I thought it was a gpu issue given that when I bring my details down my fps increases. But I agree. But im confused because my cpu sticks to 2.8ghz when active gaming. Recommended cpu speed is 2.5 I think...


Is it still a cpu problem? My cpu is quad core with hyper threading I think. 

I would think so, I do have experience with a similar laptop, and while it performed rather impressively in somewhat graphically intensive games, the fps dived once there was alot of physics to be done on the cpu, so I was assuming that was the case with arma 3, but yeah.. there's not much you can do about increasing the performance on the laptop, aside from checking the bios if it allows you to change ram speeds.

Well Well I've been using amd overdrive and im able ti mess with the voltages to permanently increase to speed of the cpu...but that would result in an increase in temo.


I heard amd cpu handle temots of up to 99c...but since the apu includes a unsure of the safe temp for the 7640intergrated gpu...would it be the same as the apu or cpu? I think rule of thumb for amd cpu is 99c. 


Thanks for the help guys.