Can I overclock my cpu without problems

I just build my first gaming pc and was wonder if i can overclock with no problems and not messing up my parts. I have msi z77a-g45 motherboard, i5 3570k, hyper 212 plus, nzxt tempest 410, and sapphire 7870. My cpu temps on idle are 21 lowest and 28 is the highest on the 4th core. After running prime 95 for 10 minutes my temps are 51 lowest and 56 highest. Are these good temps to overclock my cpu.

once the temps on the CPU hit up around 70-80, then I would be concerned. So speaking, you do have some headroom. Get the highest clock with the lowest voltage possible

Heh, yes thats fine, overclock to your hearts content, while running Prime 95, don't let the cores pop over 100 C. Keep on cranking till you hit that barrier. I'd write you out a OC guide for you, but I'll link you a comprehensive one instead.

I wouldn't let it get close to 100c omgits, around 80c should be ok, you should easily get 4.5ghz stable (multiplier set to 45 in bios)

cloudscorpion: that was a good article you posted.

100C is way too hot. Up around 80C is where it gets too hot for most, but preferably under 70C