Can I Overclock My 7870 on a 500w Power Supply

So i have a gigabyte 7870 and a 500W Power Supply (i was on a budget) Specs> and i was wondering if i could overclock my 7870 i will not be raising voltages or anything i just want a decent increase in games. I think that i won't be able too but i thought i would check with people who know more about over clocking than i.

Yeah you'll be absolutely fine. Your system only draws around 400W anyway so you'll have plenty of juice left over.

That being said, OCing your GPU, especially when you aren't changing the voltages, will have a negligible effect on power draw. Don't expect a massive increase in FPS from OCing though. You can't turn your 7870 into a 7970 through OCing. 

What if i were to increase the voltage a little. would i still be fine.

agreed about the power draw

though a decent 7870 can easily match a stock 7950 in many applications, destroyed by an overclock on the 7950 but it'll match a stock

Yes. Completely. There is a maximum amount of power the card can draw from both the slot and PCIE connectors and you'd be hard pressed to get over that limit or even close to it. 

Your GPU would melt way before then haha

yup, and crossfire is sweet when it works.


When it works...

I still have nightmares about my XFire 7870s. They come to me in the night whispering about drivers and microstuttering. 


Not seen any microstuttering but it doesnt always play nice with everygame. Mantle helped a bunch in that regards.

Its kind of crazy because i little to no problems at all crossfiring my 7870s mostly works great.

Ok i started overclocking but i increased the core clock on AMD Overdrive and it showed up on GPUZ but when i go to the sensors it says the max it gets is 1100mhz (the stock clock)  and on heaven their is the clock speeds in the top corner and it shows my stock speeds. Any ideas would be appreciated.


try a third party program and see if that works

gpu-tweak, afterburner, trixx, whatever