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Can I mount an aftermarket cooler on a Dell Optiplex Micro PC?

I have a Dell OptiPlex 7040 Micro PC, pretty neat little machine except for the constant noise of the little fan spinning up and down. It’s a tiny fan that takes in air from the front and blows it out the back.
The CPU socket is fclga LGA 1151, Flip-Chip Land Grid Array, which is apparently equivalent to LGA 1151.

I’m thinking of changing the current heat sink with an aftermarket one and just leaving the top cover off but those four pin holes just seem like a different size to me, anyone ever try this?

They are definitely not the standard mounting holes. On a normal 1151 board they are arranged in a square pattern, and that board the holes are definitely not in a square.

get some cross bars with adjustable mounting and some water cooling screws you can mount alot

this but any cpu cooler


Would you happen to have a link? I couldn’t find anything exactly like this.

what i could find that i used before

even has a hole to add another screw to apply more pressure to the cooler

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