Can I mod video games under Linux?

One thing that’s stopping me from switching to Linux is modding games, especially games like Skyrim which have a huge modding community.

I dont see why not, the files go in the game folder

Skyrim has external modding tools. How would I run them all?

modding tools are different than mods, you could probably get most of them to work tho

You run windows stuff through wine, which is a translation layer, kinda like an emulator.
The stuff you run in wine lives in their own directories, so places like Program Files (x86) and such exist in your home folder in linux.

So if you install a mod manager, as far as windows programs are concerned about file locations, all the stuff exists in the right places.

But don’t count on getting everything working without being prepared to troubleshoot, most likely you’re gonna have to jump through a couple extra hoops.

you can generally install mods fine in linux. The major sticking points would be mods that require 3rd party apps or mods with hard coded directories.

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Anything integrated in the Steam Workshop work fines through steam. For non Steam stuff is a bit hit and miss. From what i hear Skyrim mods also work outside Steam.