Can I Mine with an AMD AND NVIDIA GPU?

So I'm interested in mining Dogecoins with my GTX 760 and my 7870XT on the same PC at the same time. Is it as simple as installing both cards, the Catalyst drivers with the OpenCL package or whatever, and setting up the miners? I'm running Win7 btw. Thanks for any help.

I can see no reason why not, though I do believe you will need to use separate programs, probably two separate instances of the same program will most likely work just fine. As long as there is no major conflict between the two gpu drivers on your system their should be no issues beyond needing to run two separate programs.

Why not try it out anyway and let us know how it goes.

Ok, I'm going to give it a shot. Will report in-depth later.

Yes. I have done it. Just run cgminer and cudaminer at the same time. However, the nvidia drivers took over the monitoring so that I couldn't use a program like msi afterburner to overclock or monitor temps. Might be a weird case with my machine, but be aware of it. 

MinerGate has a pretty good minning utility for cryptonote coins and Ethereum minning as well as has pretty small pools for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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