Can I mine and do other things on my pc or just mine

My new pc has a AMD FX 4130 with 8gb of ram, a NVIDIA 650TI with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, Can this mine and run teamspeak, steam, 2 small gadgets and still watch videos on Youtube? Or am I wasting my time even thinking of trying to mine?

Mining is only really worth it with AMD graphics cards

I'm not wanting to make millions of dollars, I just want to make enough money for an even better pc and maybe some extra for games and such, Even if it takes a year or more of mining.

nope. won't happen. not on a 650TI.... you'll get like 20khash/second.... my 7970 get 600khash/sec, and if I leave it mine 24/7, i only make $100/month

Ok, thanks.