Can I make all games play at 30fps?

I am trying to find an application to make my games fps cap be 30 I can run games at 60fps+ but I find my eyes hurt when I play games that play at 60fps and then drop to 40 or so such as battlefield 3 and I was a console gamer my whole life so im used to 30fps. I have a sapphire vapor x 7950 and my cpu is an fx 8350 Please let me know if you can find me an application that will do this for me.

Most games let you cap the FPS in-game.

Really how can I usually do that or how can I do it in battlefield?

try forcing vsync and then setting your monitor to 30Hz, this Will be hard on your eyes if you have a old CRT monitor


I have the playstation 3D 24" monitor

Maybe you need glasses?

I saw people saying this has a frame limiter.

Also I use vsync on all of my games I just don't like the game dropping in frames often but I like keeping my graphics maxed

I hope I don't need glasses, I have no problems with my eyes but ever since I got my computer my eyes hurt and usually only when I have frame rate issues.

Thank you! radeon pro does have an fps cap lock

yes and reducing your refresh rate will limit the game to the refresh rate, so lower it to 30 and bam

I don't think that's frame rates hurting your eyes. When you look at a screen, you actually blink less. It dries your eyes out and makes them sore. You've probably got bloodshot eyes.

Well the main reason I want my fps to be at 30 is because when new games come out I want to be able to max them out and keep the 30 but if I play all of my other games at 60+ I will be dissapointed with 30 but I may end up getting some glasses just for when I use computers.

I found a site called Gunnar ( I may get some glasses from them since they are for computers and not for everyday things since I can see fine

It actually has more to do with the type of light waves emitted from modern monitors. Staring at a white screen for a few hours can give you headaches and make the optical nerve actually physically hurt. As my eyes are right at this moment from teksyndicate's choice of using a white border for their forums posts and shades of grey everywhere else.

Those are just the same yellow tinted lenses that they use in safety glasses. You'll get the same effect from something like this.

If limiting the frame rate doesn't help try installing F.lux it will automatically adjust your monitor depending on the time of day to give you a more natural light setting and help reduce eye strain from overly bright screens.