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Can I legally obtain Freelancer?


It’s not on Steam, nor GoG, nor Humble and I strongly doubt they will bring it on Epic Games store…
So is there a way to legally obtain that good old gem of space adventuring?


You could buy a CD from amazon:

Also maybe specify that you’re talking about a video game. I know it’s in Gaming category, but who looks at categories?


Yeah… Uhm… I mean thanks, gek, but I kinda need it digital… And cheaper if possible… May not be possible, but still…



Only after I read your text and realized you don’t wanna hire me people.


You can’t buy Freelancer anywhere first-hand, and that is the definition of abandonware. Go get it for free with a clean conscience.


When I get back home from work I will heck the Microsoft store. If they don’t have it there I’ll just Jack Sparrow it…
I’m not giving 50 bucks for used copy and I’m definitely not giving 150 for new…


I won’t hire you for completely different reasons… Nothing to do with gaming or my actual needs…


Coz you’re europoor.



I still haven’t forgotten, gek… I still haven’t forgiven …


Right, so since this is abandonwear i can just Jack Sparrow it?
I mean I can always just do it, but I wanted to get it legit…


Abandonware isn’t piracy1.

1: Technically it is, under the letter of the law. But under the spirit of the law, it’s fine. If anyone was selling the product first-hand, you’d buy it. There’s no way to pay the rights holders.


Just get the Privateer Mod for Vega Strike

I know that they were talking about making a Freelancer mod but I don’t think that ever happened.