Can I install Arch onto one primary partition?

I have been trying to install Arch onto my netbook along side with Windows 7.

I have seen many people create a /boot /root and /home partition for their computer, but this would be too many partitions for one HDD if I installed along side with Windows 7.

My question is can I can create one big partition and mount it to /mnt.

Another question, can I have 4 primary partitions and one logical partition? I saw somewhere saying you can only have 3 primary partitions if you want a logical partition. (The logical partition will be for swap)

Yes, as with all distros, you could. However, were I you, I would still do a dedicated /root and /home partition, so that when you switch distros, or install new ones alongside Arch, you can share the same /home.

Lastly, do you have more than 4GB of memory? If so, you don't need a swap.

This laptop only has 1gb of ram sooooo...