Can I get in trouble for this?

Okay guys here's the story and I'll try to make it short. I'm a firm believer in VPNs and I've been using PIA for around a year, but I was on AT&T with wireless N pulling ~10-15mbps down until now. I finally got fed up with them and went with Charter who's offering 60mbps down and ~4.5 up. I picked up a Linksys AC1200+ wireless AC gigabit router and some cat6 cable and got everything hooked up and I was getting a good solid 63mbps, which was a huge improvement from what I had before and I was very happy with. Tonight I decided to get my VPN client set up since I hear Charter likes to be nosy and once it was set up I figured I'd speedtest just for kicks, I thought I'd pick up an extra 15mbps tops. My first test to my suprised finished with a solid 100mbps down although my pings were slightly higher. I was really excited so I waited a bit and tried again, I jumped out of my seat with around 152mbps down which I'd literally never seen before except for from speedtest results from other countries. I just tested one last time and got this:


which absolutely blew my mind. It peaked at somewhere around 215-220 before leveling out.

My question: Is Charter going to throttle me or worse come pounding my door down for this? I mean, I've always used VPNs in the past and I know they're perfectly legal but what could cause my speed to literally triple like that?

Also, I've tested at 5 minute intervals for around 30 minutes now and I've been getting a solid 200-210 mbps down, I decided to wait a while before posting this in case it was a fluke and it isn't.

It's inaccurate. VPN's tend to mess with speed testers. I scored some ridiculous score with speedtest on my 6Mbps ATT connection, and my Steam downloads are still 6Mbps, despite speedtest stating otherwise

And even if you were getting faster speeds, you can't get in trouble for a mistake on their end.

Ok thanks for clearing up the confusion. I see now that speed test that shows on my screen is actually the speed test between my VPN and the server and not what's actually coming through my modem. I do notice that my steam downloads (which I guess should be the true test) are around 8.1MBps so I'm still getting right around 60mbps which for the US is still pretty respectable.