Can I freeze my monitor?

Can it freeze. That is the question. I have a Asus VP28UQG and I will be taking a 24 hour international flight. I wanna take this monitor with me to use for work but I will have it packed with my normal non carry on luggage if I do that. I am sure I can keep it safe from damage from being thrown around. But I am not sure if it can tolerate being that cold during transport. Last time I went to the Philippines my plane was at about 32 thousand feet and I know it gets cold as shit up there. I would imagine given the operating temperature range of most flat screen monitors it would be fine if not in use but I wanted to check in here and see what some more experienced people think.

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Should be fine I would bet cant garuntee tho

I’ve successfully flown with a checked monitor. As long as it doesn’t get crushed or tossed around, the temps shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thank you. Where did you fly to if you don’t mind me asking?

Barcelona, Spain to Boston, USA.


As with any piece of tech, be wary of condensation. I’d let the display sit in a room for a while before powering on. Cameras with interchangeable lenses are more prone to that, but just a word of caution if the flight is long and temp fluctuation is major.