Can I count the many ways 'I love you'? or ARM and Intel

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I just couldn't resist, while thinking about the subject of my last article.. i thought about ARM and Intel, and I was laughing.

Disclaimer: all the following is hearsay, guesses, subjecture and just plain 'made up' but make if it what you will*.

So around 2004 ARM applied for an x86 licence from.. you guessed it Intel. now.. Intel weren't exactly kind, and they *supposedly* asked for a sum of money they knew ARM didn't have or couldn't get.. ARM was quite Chuck Norris'ed about the whole thing. around 2009 ARM was starting to be a little influential and yes because there was so many ARM chips out there.. powerful.

Intel applied for an ARM licence .. well.. HAHAHA .. I guess Intel drove a truck load of cash up to the offices in Cambridge England, and they replied.. 'y'know AMD is like my Uncle (RISC).. so  erm.. you have to wait up to 4 years until after they bring out theirs before can go to manuf.' and Intel replied 'Can I count the many ways 'I love you'?'..but an unimpressed smiley face was the reply.

well all this was two years ago so who knows now? but yeah I was laughing :))


hope you liked my little novel. haha.




* I rem watching a episode of BBC Click, that mentioned ARM and Intel a few years ago.

That made no sense but I still love you

hehe :D


and reading now. thanks.

wow.. in a weird way.. it kinda backups up what i said about no Intel ARM until AMD.


but yeah Intel should go the Atom route.

It is basically a race between x86 and ARM.


Can x86 scale down power consumption meanwhile still holding the x86 performance, or can ARM scale up performance without increasing power consumption.



well..not exactly..


I *think* intel just like to have a hand in all the tech they can.. which is pretty smart. but they ticked off a company they later needed/wanted/send 'sorry' flowers too.

"sorry flowers", WTF are you talking about.


Haswell and silvermont was the first direct competetor against ARM, how is that send flowers.




please chill your tone.

why did Intel buy a licence if they never plan to use it.

and it was joke. I meant Intel must have regretted asking for too much money from ARM in 2004.