Can I configure a non-rectangular display?

Preferred Distribution: Ubuntu
Preferred Desktop Environment: Gnome 3
Totally willing to switch if necessary

I haven't found much information regarding this situation with some internet searches, so I'm hoping somebody here with an understanding of "how things work" can help me solve the problem, or explain to me why I would be unable to solve it at this point in time (for example, if there is no software available, because I do not have the experience, nor the time, to work on such a project).

So basically, my two 1080p monitors (one 40" and one 28") don't line up evenly in my setup. Because of this, I have to offset them in the display settings of whichever operating system I am using in order to keep the cursor lined up as I move back and forth between the monitors. When I offset the monitors, the shape of my "screen" is no longer a rectangle. It sounds like X would allow me to separate the monitors into individual "screens" but according to what I read, that would prevent me from dragging windows back and forth.

Sometimes, certain things (like desktop shortcuts and certain windows) end up either below the higher monitor or above the lower monitor in areas that are not shown on either of my displays. Is there a way to keep desktop icons and newly opened windows on my main monitor without sacrificing the ability to drag windows to the other display?

Are the displays physically different sizes? like 22" + 24"?

Sorry, I thought I specified that. I have a 40" and a 28".

Well nevermind my suggestion then, you could always just set them lined up in the OS and just deal with the physical differences that occur when moving between them

That's probably what I'll do if nobody else has any ideas. It's practical, but not quite as "pretty" as I'd like it to be.

The problem is because if you set a side monitor lower than another, the space above it at the top still exists to your computer.

Icons especially get drawn into this space since they start top-left, but you cannot see it. From what I remember this is just a 'way it is' thing with X, if your looking to switch or mess around perhaps Wayland is better (I don't know it doesn't have this issue, but its supposed to be better for multi monitor)

Okay, I'll check out Wayland when I have some free time tomorrow. I hadn't even thought about replacing X, so thanks for pointing out that possibility!

If anybody wants to chip in their two cents about Wayland (or other possible remedies), I'd appreciate it. I'm logging off for now, but I'll be checking back in the morning.