Can I change out a defective USB-3 Port?


Hello All;

I have a problem with a Zalmon Z12 Plus mid tower case. This case was part of a major built of several months ago. One of the features that sold me on this case was it having 2 Sata-3 ports on the front of the case and the connection to these ports is through an included SATA-3 external cable provided that simply ran to the motherboard.

However after some time I have found out that one of the SATA-3 USB ports is not working. I doubled checked the attachment cable and it is snug on the external USB-3 port on the motherboard.

One of the USB-3 ports works fine, when I insert a USB-3 adapter into the good port it lights up and is recognized by my Windows 7 operating system. With the non-working port the adapter lights up briefly when the adapter is install (at the half way point) however it is non-operable when fully inserted. A point to note, if the adapter is inserted half way and the adapter lights up the system does not recognize the devise.

I believe that the Zalmon case has a one year warranty but I am not going to go through the trouble and expense to RMA the case. My question is, what is the possibility or me replacing the USB-3 adapter and are they available?


Thanks to all for you replies.

The simplest way I can think you'll be able to get that functionality back is to buy a usb3 drive bay hub. Something like this


Thank you for the reply, I was hoping to purchase another USB-3 female connecter and solder it in place. I have sent off an e-mail to Zalmon on how to remove the top cover of the case. I took the front and side panels off but could find no way to remove the top cover.