Can i be honest even if it offensive to some

Unless i get better than most of the techie Geeks..I am hijacked/hacked unofficially/officially. I am not American and i speak up against oil industry as i am a
human who was given a voice. I loved researching, realizing we could get into government files that are open to public. Sort of 'sssssshhhhhhhhhh' to public i now know. I thought all the hacking was down to gaming sites online. I have since learned my so called friend set my system up like this, to be hacked and used by 'anyone'' they set me up with my wiring being fixed to other houses or wires outside..

I have researched and no one can tell me i am mental. See i am on a developers OS and see what they see.I learn all the devious software made for the system to work for businesses and governments. We see all the dirty hacks. I am not a bad person but i am constantly targeted. That is fine as i just keep on researching and learning. It's very depressing..

Just my thoughts..

Is there not enough room for everyone

Also i felt @TekSyndicate130 @tekrantgaming @teksyndicate666 @teksys



Pretty sure this is either trolling or someone who learned ESL and did so.... very.... badly.


I didn't understand any of that. Good luck with whatever though. It seems like you're trying. I don't know what, but you're trying. Good job.

Maybe if English is too hard for you, just write in your language? Then use translate to do that. No offense, but I think we would have understood this more in a foreign language than in its current state.

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hey LooseNeutral's got a brother


I have read some of your other posts, and i wonder, why not start over?