Can anyone

Can anyone suggest a decent gaming build with the i5-2500k or 2500 for around 500~700$? If not than is this build good?

Note: I managed to get the PSU for $55.

Thanks in advance!

Your build is indeed a good build, you may have to get the low profile Vengeance kit to have a hassle free 212 EVO install. The GTX660 is also compareable to the 7870 in performance and right now you can get one for low $200 region, here are some benches for the GTX660 vs 7870:

The i5 build, for that budget you would not get anywhere near the same graphics horsepower, or you would have to sacrifice that SSD and a few other things to get a proper card. You can leave your system the way it is except for the ram and get your gaming on, it is a nice system.

Thanks for the feedback, I forgot to change out the RAM just now. Will do so now. Do you think this system would get at least 60 FPS on a half decent MMO?

Again,thanks for your feedback on all my threads!

Which MMO in particular? We can look for 7870 benchmarks in that specific MMO but yes my guess it will max out almost every MMO at healthy fps.

I couldn't seem to find any GTX680s for around ~$200. I've switched out the RAM, would this be low enough for clearance on the EVO?

It isn't really popular, currently I'm playing a version of it from out of the US however, the US version is called "Dragon Oath".

I looked at a few gameplay videos and you will be fine with the HD7870 or the GTX660, get your game on ;)

Thanks and is this low enough for clearance of the EVO?

Also, can you suggest any Blue lit keyboards? At first I had but it's Red lit.....

You have 37mm of clearence between the fan on the heatsink and the ram according to here : 212 EVO

That G.skill ram is 40mm , that does not mean it won't fit it just means you probably wil have to play with it to make it fit. If you want a complete bolt in no messing around with the fan, you need to get low profile ram(the heatsinks are flat and low).

Keyboards i have not a dang clue Tonychau123, i buy the cheapest board possible but then again i am not a hardcore gamer by any stretch.

Thanks alot for your help!

sc storm quickfire tk blue or corsair vengeane k90. Those are the only blue backlits I know of. Both are mechanical, the quickfire blue has blue switches (lol..) and the k90 has red switches.