Can anyone tell me if i should get the Vcard


Thats a nice card indeed

200-300 but dont wanna go over 250 :( knida why i was looking at the card...


I would go with the r9 280x. They are a little cheaper and a little faster. They are also the same chip.

im not a NVIDIA fan at all...

can u guy recommend card in the 200-250-300 price radon HD 7950 best company and cards.if you can links also plz thx

i'd say that's a pretty good deal for that card, a fairly good cooler albit gigantic

but it's out of stock, for $300 get a 7970 or 280x,  same gpu different name

i think that it a good card and it a good deal with 3 game.

if you arent going to crazy overclocking and like blower coolers

HIS ICeQ X2, it overclocks the best and comes on a 7970 PCB, it has great parts and superior build quality. the cooler is actually really quiet and keeps the card cool. You can overclock the card like a beast because it has 6 PWM capacitors on the board which gives it that extra boost other cards do not have. And it's a 6+8 pin instead of 8+8 even though it's on a reference 7970 PCB.

+1 to this,I would grab this card as the drivers for it become more optimized in the future, it will start to out perform the 7970. We saw the same thing with 7000 series cards as more advanced drivers came out. that's why the 7970 was able to compete with the 680 at some points too. I would really consider this, other than a 7000 series card. You still get all the free games with them too, along with it being the newest generation of GPUs.

R9 280X is a rebrand of the 7970.

That mess of a name is AMD's new numbering scheme. SORRY i linked the wrong card...

That one I believe is voltage locked but is likely a good card none the less.


i've taken a couple 'V-cards' in my day... I remember when I gave mine up... Wait wut? Whut are we talkin about??