Can anyone help me with this build?


i refined my list and now i just need a cooling solution, but i ran into a snag and now idont know if i want amd or intel setup, could anyone help me here? -intell -amd (wil la evga gtx card run smoothly on this?)


Are these builds good, if not what am i doing wrong, and as i said at the bottom i really am not comftorable with amd but good lord the power for price is just so much better o.o

 The final prices of these builds come out to 1,309.93, and 1,309.12, respectively, after all shipping, rebates and my selected waranties (no i did not intentionally do this, it was just shere amusing coincidence) im looking to stay within 200$ of this, which gives not too much range for itnerchanging after a high quality cooling system, but even an over expensive suggestion will help me at this point, i really want the AMD build but i have no idea what im doing, i dont even know if that build will work well :c i'm so dumb



Hey all :) i finally ironed out a build that im comftorable with, and im trying to figure out how stable and compatable this'll be, and im kind of at an impass for my case and cooling, i'd like to OC a fair bit, not anything extreme but definitly will be ocing  my gpu a good 100-125 mhz and gpu up to 3.9-4ghz if at all possible, so im trying to figure out exactly what i need to do - this is my build currently, and also looking for feedback on the build itself, thanks :

For my HD, i'll be buying a SSD later on down the road, but i am opting not to for the time being untill i get more money

On a side note, i can forsee myself playing around with vms, as well as multiple instances of high gpu taxing games, (for instance planetside2) which is why my gpu is what it is, i also stream quite a bit and i am curious if there are things i could (should) do to improve my streamability, thanks :3

Why would you get that evga board and sacrifice a ssd and a k edtion processor.

go for one of the cheaper intel 1155 boards like this one

and then put the money you save into a SSD and a K edition 3770k

other than that everything looks great


hope it helped!

i feel like it'd be a better idea just to get an evga board so it will run alot smoother with the gpu, even if it is a little more expensive, and  i'll definitly get a 3770k, i had no idea the 3770 was not as oc'able

For the motherboard, is there any disadvantage to using my selected board other than price?

any thoughts on the case? i am troubled in that department a lot, do you think the case i had on that list would work? it has a 200mm fan and three 120mms, the psu is bottom mounted and there seems to be sufficent intake on the front


im one of those people who likes the crazy cases like the silverstone ft03 mini and my zalman z11 plus HF1 

just tones of airflow in the Z11 and really tiny with the Ft03

so for cases I cant help you because I would reccomend something crazy

I dont think there is any differance using a evga GPU on a evga board. the only reason I could think of is if you wanted to go all EVGA.

The Phantom full tower is a great case. Just got it myself a while back in the black with green trim. Some of the reasons why it's a good case: 

  • Roomy since it's a full tower
  • Plenty of 5.25" and 3.5" drive bays and several expansion slots
  • Lots of grommets and openings for cable management
  • Superb airflow even with the preinstalled 3 x 120mm and 1 x 200mm fans only 
  • Compatible with most mobo form factors

Note: There's a TL;DR. Don't worry, lol.

I have the exact same case as Stemor 61. I recommend it as well. The Green is very visually pleasing imo. Though the Orange is awesome for Halloween.

Personally, I removed ALL of the drive cages from my Phantom. I felt they just took up soooooo much room. If you have a drill and a screw driver, it's easy. Just be careful with the metal bits that fall out of the rivets and be careful in the size drill bit you use so you don't over expand the holes so you might be able to use them later. If you are wondering why I'd need more room, custom water cooling. 

If you don't care about that, forget I said anything about it.

It's a great case.

There's literally no reason to get an EVGA board. I recommend the ASRock Extreme 4 motherboard. It's still $40 cheaper than yours, but the amazing bit is the software that comes with it.

You get XFast LAN, XFast USB, and XFast System Speed which all translates to you getting software that manages all 3 of those things built into your OS (Windows 7 for me). 

What this means is I have a Network monitoring overlay on my screen (XFast Lan) that tells me my Internet speed atm, my TCP/UDP connections, and how my traffic breaks down into various categories like Media,  VoIP, Up/Download rates, Filesharing, etc etc. It shows my ping. It's very detailed and useful software. I love it.

I have the App Charger which makes it so that my cell phone or any other device can charge from my USB ports on my computer at any time (even if it's shutdown) and it does so faster (as if it's plugged into a wall).

This is basically the XFast USB mentioned. Which is awesome in one way, but not awesome in another. It's better to charge batteries slowly to preserve their total capacity. Faster isn't better because it makes the battery degrade faster as well. Although the ability to charge even when my PC is off is awesome.  

Then there's the XFast System Speed. It allows you to overclock your components (CPU, GPU, and RAM) while in Windows 7. Awesome. Simply awesome. It does this through Asrocks XTuner software. This allows you to also monitor ALL your voltages, temps, fan speeds, etc etc as well directly from the BIOS' information. There's third party software to do this, but it being native to the Motherboard is awesome. This is the software that also allows you to make a RAMDisk with XFast RAM in the settings.

Basically though, everything they give you can be replaced by third party software, but the fact that they saved me so much downloading, searching, and the like is awesome imo. Plus some third party software makes you pay for it, so why pay more? That and I just like their software. 

As for the whole "RAMDisk" thing, a RAMDisk turns your RAM basically into an uber fast SSD. You will have 16 GB of RAM, and honestly you won't need that much RAM. You could turn half of it into a RAMDisk with ASRock's software and use that while you save up for an SSD. Just remember that you have to make a backup of whatever is on the RAMDisk before you turn off the computer or it's erased. That's the only downside I think of a RAMDisk, besides low sizes. 

8GB of RAMDisk would be great for a game like Planetside 2. It'd allow it to load at speeds faster than most SSD's. RAM hits about 2 GB/s sustained read/write speeds. Most SSD's hit about 500 MB/s sustained Read/Write speeds. A good temporary solution at least until you get an SSD.


Get the case, it's a great case. Good for anything anyone wants to do with it, and aesthetically pleasing too. 

Get the ASRock motherboard for great software and use the software to make a 6-8 GB RAMDisk to use until you get your SSD. It's cheaper and of good quality.

Anyway, that's what I have to say. Other than that, your build is great. the 3770k will give you a little extra boost since you stream over the 3570k. My only other suggestion is build the computer on to find better deals on those parts, not to mention rebates and combos. Just a suggestion.

Thank you guys, both posts were very insightful, and no tldr needed, ill definitly look into that case, and get the motherboard, the first two built in features are meh but the OCing tool is great, im brand new at ocing and i dont know a thing, and as far as drills and such - im not very capeable - hell i dont even really know whati m doing putting the thing together, ill be having some measure of help, and ill check out partpicker, thanks! :D



after looking it seems that there are a good amount of people saying that board is doa, and furthermore is too compact to really allow any major cooling, i feel that ill need if not now, at least some point an additional cooling system, since i want to be able to oc it a bit further in the future


This is my refined build ,im much more satisfied with it, and i have a little extra wiggle room with which to get a cooler - any suggestions / help? do i even need one?


I do plan on adding a second gpu in the distant future, and yeah im sticking with the orange phatnom since my monitor is the same color scheme, as well as my keyboard :3 (aged g15 keyboard and asus haloween 23 inch monitor) 

It fits very well :D

also my 16g of ram will be utalized, i run a LOT of processes, i often have 200-300 tabs of firefox/explorers open for work, and i often run vms (not enough to warrant a different proc, gaming still primary) 


so 16gigs dual is a minimum for me.

and now i have areal delema, i just made this and looked at the pricetag, and now im sad


I've never used amd products before, and i am afraid to start, im afraid they're gonna die. but the price...

do you really need that psu? 100watts less? unless ur overclocking for some extra performance i would go 100 watts less save some money and invest in better parts elsewhere

Yeah i am goign to be oc'ing quite a bit.