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Can an eGPU run four 4k monitors at 60Hz?

I have four 4k monitors in my office at work and a Dell Precision 3520 that can’t run them all at full resolution and at full 60Hz.
I’m looking at getting a Razer Core X Chroma and likely an AMD WX3200 gpu to drive all four monitors at [email protected]

Will this configuration be capable of driving all four monitors at the full res and full 60Hz?
The use case would be “normal” productivity work, data science, python development, browsing, etc. Gaming is not the intended use case.

HWInfo64 reports that this Dell Precision 3520 has the following specs:

  • Intel Xeon E3-1505M
  • 16GB ram
  • Dell 0GD4NR motherboard with Intel CM238 (Skylake PCH-H) chipset
  • Intel JHL6340 (Alpine Ridge 2C) Thunderbolt 3 Bridge
  • PCIE 3.0 - Max link width 4x, Max link speed 8.0 GT/s.

I intend to run linux as the primary OS for this setup and the rig may also be shared with Macbook Pro users in the office too hence the AMD gpu.

I would love to hear from anyone who’s tried to run a workstation eGPU to drive four [email protected] monitors and what your experience was.

Thanks in advance.

Depends on the GPU and what you’re doing with it.

2d desktops? Sure. So long as you have the required outputs. That isn’t really heavy on the PCie bus, and refresh rate is more to do with connectivity between the card and the displays.

So long as the CARD you use has enough outputs that are appropriate spec to do 4x4k @60hz you should be fine.

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I wonder how docking/undocking will work with x or Wayland.


Given the shit that Linux gives me when i plug/unplug a video cable, or my monitor (a Dell U2711 at work) goes to sleep, i’d suggest trying to walk (get it running at all) before trying to run (expecting dock/un-dock to work :D)

Can second that… my screen placements get messed up 50% of the time when I just turn my TV on, no matter if the TV is even set to PC input or not…
Not sure if it’s really X in my case though, because I can fix it by re-writing some settings in the plasmarc and restarting KDE…

Either way though, as said above it should work. Might just wanna check how big the maximum render resolution is on them, should be on the AMD website (I can’t access it from work for some reason).