Can Access Ext HDD Win NTFS partition in Linux, Not in Win10

I have one of my client’s old hard drive for recovering/backing up data for his new computer that he will be getting soon. I have it mounted in a USB 3.0 external dock. I am able to access all the files in my Ubuntu MATE 18.04 but can’t in my Win10. In Win10 when I try to open one of the partitions it causes the Windows to lock up and Explorer.exe to crash but when I disconnect it or turn the power off the dock, Windows unlocks and Explorer.exe comes back. I can’t even scan the drive for malware because Malwarebytes and Avast can’t see the drive and also to become not responding. I do not want to recover/back up files without scanning for malware. Also, I can’t even do a chkdsk.

Check the SMART stats and if it is making bad noises, as those symptoms sound like the drive is dying. It is also possible that the drivers for the dock have issues.

There are malware scanners available for Linux, maybe take a look at ClamAV?

ClamTK would only scan a few files and stop. I have it set to scan all files and hidden files. It is not making any bad noises, only spin up and spin down. I never had driver issues with the dock in Win10 before. I used it with many hard drives 2.5/3.5 and also SSD’s. It has it’s own power source too.

I’ve done data or partition copies in the method you described. I would probably focus on getting critical data off of it to a separate isolated storage location and then do an AV scan on it separately, I wouldn’t scan the existing disk more as it could damage the drive and it sounds like corruption took place.

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I will try that.

With disks like that I would DD using Linux to an image file. Then either write that out to another drive or work with it in a VM. It sounds to me like the disk is dying so trying to rescue what you can before it goes would be the best approach.

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