Can A6 Trinity bottle-neck 550ti

So, I have an A6 5400K APU (this is my first build. so exited) and I got EVGA GTX 550ti FPB as a gift. One thing I saw is that that did not make much improvements (HD 6670 is my old GPU) on FPS on some games. Can it be my good old A6 causing this?

Personally i do believe that your APU is bottle necking the 550ti, of course i could be wrong, but if not i would consider an upgrade. I would consider something like the A8- 5600k, or even the Athlon II X4 750 or 760k, all are which FM2 sockets and all around $100 if you can around to do so. Hope this helps ya!

Thanks for reply. I probably upgrade to 750K. Cheap, quad core, nice gaming performance.


Yes it is out performs my old Athlon II X4 640 by quite a bit, and being a quad core it will help a lot when and if you upgrade your GPU again, and just in case if you dont make sure if have at least a 400 watt psu for the 550Ti.