Can a Radeon 7770 graphics card run games on a 35 inch TV

the title says it all i am building a gaming PC for "couch gaming" kind of speak but dont whant to waste $100 on a monitor (i am on a budget) and i just whanted to know if my games will run smoothly on the TV. My TV is a Samsung with a resolution of 1080p or 720p i am not sure but if know you know any of this please help so i dont have to worry anymore thanks.

If it is 720p, yes, perfectly well. If it is 1080p then on some games, yes. On others you will have to drop settings to get a playable framerate and on others you'll actually want to drop the resolution and let your display adapter deal with virtual scaling.

how can i find out if my TV is 720p or 1080p? can i 

''1080p or 720p, not sure''

This kinda makes the difference with this card. It can play modern titles at 720 medium settings with no problems. 35 inch with 1080p with maxed out settings, gaming with this card isn't really possible. I suggest looking at the 7850 2GB model instead.

As far as I know the 7770 should be ok for some games... The size of the TV doesn't make a difference, but the resolution does. If you could provide some more details about your computer that planning to build?

The 7770 should be ok especially at 720p. Just remember, you won't be able to run all settings at 'ultra' or even 'very high' as this is a 'budget' gpu. It's not a bad card at all though. 

Performance isn't affected by the size of the display, just the resolution. So I would just go and look at benchmarks of the 7770 at 1080p and see if you are happy with the performance it gets on the games you're looking to play.

I have been able to play World of Warcraft on my 40” Sony TV with no problems. The TV is a full 1080 and the only problems I ran into was being able to read the words on the screen as sitting back so far make them too small for my old eyes to see. J

The 7850 is great, but if you wanted to save a few dollars, get a 650ti Boost. From what i've read, it's pretty amazing.

You usually will just look on the back of the television until you spot a sticker that gives the product information, which should have either a barcode or the name of the television and its series. You can either use a smartphone barcode scanning app to scan the barcode to see if it can figure it out, or you can just search whatever information that you spot there that seems relevant and you'll usually come up with something.

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I think if you get another 7770 gpu and crossfire/sli and 3 monitors it would look great