Can a overclock crash delete your game saves?

i was messing with overclocks on my new computer and i was letting amd catalyst auto tune it, it got up to 4600mhz and it crashed, windows gathered all the data but was stuck at 100% so i manually restarted it , and when i logged in, windows said it was preparing and now a bunch of things were deleted and so was my 10+ hour game save of ori and the blind forest. i know i cant get any of it back because i have no restore points or backups, but can anyone explain why it happened? the game wasn't running or anything and now its all gone after the retart, if i can so how magically get my save back that would be amazing if any one has any tips. but how did this happen?

It may be possible to get the save back if the file was on a hard disk and you discontinued use of it right away and used something like testdisk to scan the partition for deleted files but in all honesty backups are the best solution to losing files and you should think about setting one up. Windows has backup feature in the control panel that will automatically backup new changes to files for you.

If you cut power to a hard drive while it's writing it will mess stuff up. Part of the metadata or file table probably got corrupt which is why a bunch of files are missing.

You should not make any further writes to the disk and try using something like testdisk like @micheallindman suggests.