Can a motherboard kill ram?

Hi guys,

I just cant get a break. So I swapped my Aorus x570 Master motherboard on request by AMD to trouble shoot my problem and at first all was fine. Later that night I noticed that while installing visual studio the computer would just reboot with no warning (no blue screen of death). Long story short looking at the system files I noticed that windows said random bugchecks were occurring and all of them seemed to be memory paging related.

Memtest 86 right away verified that the ram was bad (actually would fail right away with tons of errors detected so not sure how my computer managed to operate). In my case one stick was really bad and another was not as bad.

Shoving some new ram and running tests prove that the ram is good and the system seems solid again.

My question how likely is it that the new motherboard is killing the ram? The motherboard was swapped a day before but I only got to use the computer last night. I am assuming its highly doubtful but I find it odd that the ram died around the same time and that and both dimms have a issue.

Seasonic support responded and thinks that if all that was affected was the ram its more likely the motherboard did the deed.

Things to know about the ram also is that its old ddr 4 that I am using till I get my order from Newegg and it was just sitting on a shelf for a while.

So just bad luck with potentially sketchy ram or potentially the motherboard?


PS. The reason I am asking is I have one more day to do a exchange if I need to.

Exchange it. It could be possible that you killed it during the swap. ESD, not seating properly, bending the PCB, and etc.

Otherwise, if you were trying to overclock the RAM, it is possible that you may have over volted it.

Just possibilities. Not enough to really make a conclusion.

It might be possible, but it sounds very unlikely to me.
Unless you messed something up according to memory overclocking.
I would rather firstly rma the memory kit itself.

Already tried to run the memory at stock or jedec 2133mhz?
Because it could very well be that your particular memory kit,
just doesn´t play nice with your particular motherboard.
Unfortunately the AMD Ryzen platform is very picky when it comes to memory modules.
I generally temp to use samsung B-die kits.
However it´s not so easy to find said kits that are B-die.

Certain G.skill Trident Z kits, and G.skill FlairX kits are samsung b-die.
Also double check your motherboards memory QVL list,
if your particular kit is tested.
“if” your particular kit is not listed,
then it could either mean that those arent tested yet.
Or that they don´t play nice with your particular board.

That’s what I was thinking but just to be clear the motherboard is not dead. I got another set of ram and its working just fine…for now. I am worried that it may eventually kill the ram. I guess the safest thing to do is just exchange the motherboard.

Just XMP settings, the ram was temporary set while I wait for my order from newegg. Its a set of 2666 Mhz ram. Not sure if XMP could haved killed one let alone a pair of dimms, i guess its possible.

Ya I figgured as much. Safest thing to do would be do a swap of the board.


In this case all I did was set the ram to its XMP profile, I did OC it a week ago which failed, it may be possible it got damaged during that, but I didnt notice any problems till last night.

No I havent, with that said I am running another pair of this ram and memtest86 runs fine on them. Is it possible for low clock ram (even with XMP on) could get killed by the motherboard if all I am doing is running it at its xmp profile?

Not sure if they are on the QVL but I doubt it. With that said if one pair fails and another does not that seems to indicate the first pair is damaged, or at least I assume it does. The ram kit in question is hynix ram…i think m-die? maybe totaly wrong about that. Is it possible for ram that is not on the QVL to get damaged by a motherboard or will it just not run?

Thank you again! :slight_smile: