Can a micro ATX MotherBoard fit in a ATX case?

So I'm gonna build a pc and I'm quite new to it and I have my build and I saw that the motherboard that I'm getting (I think its a ASrock B75M R20) has a micro ATX form factor, I then looked at my case specifications said that its motherboard support is ATX. I wondered wether this motherboard would be able to easily fit in the case or if i would have to buy more stuff or a different case after spending the money. I'm going to order tonight so it would be helpful If i could get a quick answer (even though its not super important, If I'm not sure I'll just order later)

My build if it helps (its a "help" post but still going to be my build)

Motherboard -

And without further ado...the case -





Looked at a few different Websites that said in its specifications that it supports ATX, ITX anndddd Micro ATX.

Thanks for all your answers, I'm thuper duper happy now :D

Can a m-atx motherboard fit in an atx case.? >> Yes. It'll look a little odd being so small but you'll have no trouble whatsoever fitting and installing it. 

Quick answer: YES.

Long Answer: most atx cases have motherboard stand-offs that are compatible with both ATX and micro ATX motherboards. I'm not sure if this case has built in stand-offs or if you need to screw them in yourself. If you need to screw them in, your instruction manual that comes with the case will show you which stand-offs to install.

Great Thanks! ill order everything now then :)