Can a man do the impossible (can I upgrade soldered memory)?

I'm looking for a new ultrabook, but finds that too many of the nice 13" ultrabooks out there only have 4 GB of RAM installed and it is soldered in place.
I know that it would be very dangerous, and of cource void the warranty, but would it be possible for a reasonable handy and technical person (like me) to unsolder this memory and then upgrade it to something more appealing, like 8 or 16 gig? :P


(I'm mainly thining of the Samsung Series 9. Even their soon comming flag ship Ativ Book 9 Plus have only 4 soldered gigs! :( ) 

In short, no. 

I know you can upgrade RAM on laptops but I'm not sure about this one. It's always worth a go.

But it's soldered in there? That might not be a smart idea.

I would never give money to a computer manufacturer that even dares to f*** their customers over and solder something as simple as RAM sticks to the motherboard.

If they can do that, be sure they can make sure you won't upgrade your memory.

Well, you could desolder it, with a fine-enough tip, and a hot enough iron.