Camera Reccomendations

I know nothing about cameras. I know the one Logan and TekSyndicate use in their videos is like $2k. I just need one that can shoot in 1080p and looks decent on YouTube. Also one that doesn't cost more than my entire room. Thanks!

what are is your price range?

I use Nikon DSLR's but honestly, you should look at the Canons, as they are better in videos IMO. It's also a good idea to buy a standard zoom lens (the kit lens that comes along with a camera may suffice, but quality may diminish and it is harder to control depth of field.); this is good enough for most types of videography.

A Canon 650d may just be in your pricerange.. shoots 1080p at 30fps (The Nikon D7000 I believe also shoots 1080p but for it to shoot 30fps, you need a firmware upgrade IIRC).


I'll go research those cameras you listed. I already have a Nikon that's really good for stills (some crazy resolution) but the video on it isn't too great. Once I get my new job at the computer store in town I'd be willing to drop around $500 on a new camera.

What Nikon ?

Coolpix L120. I wouldn't say it's high end, and the video quality is not good enough for my standards.

Price range is the big question here. I would reccomend a cannon t2i or t3i (depending if you are buying used or not). Its what i use and the quality of that combined with a 50mm 1.8 lens ($100) almost mirrors the quality of logans videos.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look in to those. And buying used would be my preference.

Micro 4/3 Cameras Like the GH2 and Sony Nex lines are where id reccommend to go, lenses are cheaper for the most part so there is a larger sel;ection in said price range (50mm is pretty long on a cropped body) and with hacks and even the standard Firmware they usually best DSLR's close to their price range due to how they work vs a DSLR and the whole scaling issue on larger sensors.

Panasonic TM700 used. If your objective is only video, get something made just for video. I have this cam, and shooting is much much better than on any of the DSLR's I've used, including my own mirrorless camera. 

^ Thanks Neuro, I've got my eyes set on the TM700. I've looked at some quality tests on YouTube and it looks great. How much do you think they go for used?

I'd say around 300-500. Not too sure. 

Random clips I did with a friend of mine. Full channel in the works for this stuff so it's all that's up. If you ever shoot outdoors in sunny conditions you'll love this camera even more. Don't get put off by the fisheye Im using haha.


I just did a ton of research on cameras. Basically, the major points to offer are, Canon does better video at 1080p while Nikon has a better budget camera for just picture taking. If you need a swiveling LCD get the T3i, but if you dont the T2i offers better features (weird I know) minus the swiveling LCD. If you want something that takes great pictures and does 720p video really good the Nikon D5100 is probably the best bet. A touch cheaper then the T2i, but it has a swiveling LCD.

I just bought a T2i, couldnt be happier. Does video and pictures really really great, but I moved to it from a cell phone camera... so I might have no clue what Im talking about haha.

Also keep in mind of what Cameras are "hackable" aka you can put Magic Lantern (a custom firmware) on them, it can make a decent camera really really good.

If you know nothing about cameras and would like a DSLR that's pretty affordable I'd buy the Pentax k-30, it shoots in 1080p, you'll probably need a shotgun/boom. It's the best entry level DSLR IMO, i'm buying one for my workplace. I'd buy a DSLR just because the abilty to take great quality photos with the abilty to shoot basic video is just too good for me, if you dont plan on using it for photos as well as video you may want a dedicated HD video camera in which case i have no suggestions.