Camera lens adapter

I'm wondering what lens adapter to buy. I have a d3200 with the stock lens , but I also have this 1970's film camera with all sorts of great lenses , but it uses a screw on type of mount and not the turn and click mount the d3200 has

what brand is the 70's film camera? Most likely it is a M42 mount.

it's a vivitar 220/sl

Yup, That's M42 you got there. What I recommend is a brand called Fotodiox. I've used their Minolta to Sony and Minolta to Fuji, both were great quality and I'm sure the M42 to F is great too. Here is an Amazon Link.

cool! too bad amazon won't accept paypal , have to find it on ebay.

If you have a paypal card you can put that on amazon. It's free to get one.